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Small(Mush) is a script for Mush developed by LAbare, with allows you to play your favourite game on your phone. And if your phone does not run Flash, the script can emulate the basic functionalities of the game. You can even use it to play Mush on your computer, a nice alternative now that Flash is dead.


To make the game fit on a small screen, Small(Mush) divides it into five tabs.

Top left: refresh and help; bar: game tabs (described below); top right: script settings icon.

Top left: these buttons will refresh the game, and the help button will display any tooltip you need.
Top right: this button opens the Small(Mush) settings menu. Try it, there are useful options!
The tabs bar gives you access to the five tabs: Yourself, Ship, Room, Chat and Module (that is the Flash game and the terminals you access), plus the vending machine.

Installation and activation

On a computer

  1. Install Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Firefox, Chrome).
  2. Install the script by clicking on this link, then "Install" in the next window.

On phone: Dolphin Browser (Android)

  1. Install the Tampermonkey for Dolphin Browser addon from the Play Store.
  2. Install the script by clicking on this link, then "Install" in the next window.

On phone: Other browers (manual activation)

Warning: this may not work depending on the browser you use.

  1. Click on this link and add the page to your bookmarks. (It will seem like nothing happened, but the URL did change silently.)
  2. Edit the bookmark you just created (long-press on it from the Bookmarks menu of your browser).
  3. In the URL field, erase the hash (#) and all that’s before it. You should be left with some code beginning with javascript:.
  4. Once you're on Mush and the page is loaded, enter "Small(Mush)" in your browser address bar. It should display some links, and among them your bookmark; click it. You may also just open the bookmark from your Bookmarks folder, but that may not work.

This works well with Firefox and Chrome, as well as with Safari for iPhone owners.

Click to display the image: example using Chrome.

Description of manual activation

Frequently Asked Questions

What and how do you emulate from the game?

The script scans the page to find all the information used by the Flash game it can process (that is, not everything). In the Room tab, you can see the equipments, the crewmembers and the inventory of the room, you can move, and you should be warned if the room is on fire. Without Flash, you cannot see the Flash minimap, nor see the hunters or aim at them as you would from a patrol ship or a turret. In turrets and patrol ships, you can still shoot randomly from the Patrol command equipment, that may help.

How do I know if a camera is watching my every movement?

When installed, a camera is considered as an equipment by the game, so you will find it in the Room tab.

Is it normal that the game is taking so long to refresh?

Unfortunately yes, a phone is less powerful and thus slower than a computer for this task. The chat makes the biggest chunk of it all, so you can get rid of some old faves or reopen a private channel when it's getting long to make it a bit faster. You can also unload the chat from the script settings to make the main channel lighter, just like the Ctrl+W script does.

Does it use a lot of data to play Mush on a phone?

As long as you don't wipe your cache every time, not really. The script only changes when I update it, so the only thing your phone will download is the page itself: 50 to 100 Ko, reloaded on every action. This is about twice lighter than a Google search.

One of my messages was posted in the wrong channel!

This bug is not caused by the script, that’s a problem that may (rarely) happen with mobile browsers. I tried to fix it, but of course it won’t reproduce when I need it… Still, I added the feature of displaying which channel the game thinks you're in, but I don't know if that will help.